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DEAN MARTIN trivia-some facts about the legendary showman

There is always a question as to how much we know about the life of a great man in any known field. The same happens with the legendary showman Dean Martin. There are certain facts about this great actor and host, which are actually not known to many of us. This article about the DEAN MARTIN trivia aims at bringing out those facts about this, one of the greatest know actors and hosts. As a matter of fact, there are some facts, which will surely take anyone by surprise because they actually do not go with Martin's profession.

* Dean Martin was engaged in many unusual jobs at his initial stage of life. He worked as a mill worker and even a bootlegger.

* At the age of 15 Martin became a boxer, called himself as Kid Crocetti, and broke his nose in action.

* His real name is Dino Paul Crocetti and he was born in Steubenville, Ohio, USA on 7 June 1917.

* He had a height of 5'11".

* Until the age of 5, Martin could only speak Italian and was ridiculed by his fellow classmates at school because of his broken English.

* Though Dean was an easygoing happy go lucky kind of guy on stage, he was quite reserved, introvert and quiet on stage.

* San Antonio, Texas has a street named after Dean Martin.

* Dean's grandparents were Gaetano Crocetti and Angella Crocetti.

* At the age of 27, Dean had to go through rhinoplasty.

* He was treated of lung cancer in 1993.

* He died on 25 December 1995, which was exactly 29 years after the death of grandmother who died on 25 December 1966.

* Dean married 3 times and was the father 8 children. His first wife was Elizabeth Anne McDonald, the second wife was Jeanne Martin and the last one was Catherine Hawn but he ended up having divorce with all three of them.

* Dean's trademark was a cigarette and a glass of alcohol.

* He loved golf and baseball and said that given a chance, he would love to become a baseball player.

* Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California was Dean's funeral ground and "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" is carved on his tome stone.

One of Dean's popular quotes is: "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on". This gives an explanation of his trademark! He had a very interesting life, which was full of great ups and downs. But, the truth was that he had a legend hidden within him and sooner or later, he brought that hidden talent out of him and brought smile to the face of millions!