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Dan Haggerty

Grizzly Adams aired on the television screens in 1977 and lasted until 1978. >It was directed by James Conway and Richard Friedenberg. This TV show was written by Lawrence Dobkin and MalvinWald. The TV show was about a simple man named Adams who escaped form the law lines in the wilderness. In here he too care of a bear named grizzly bear. He also befriended two human companions in the character of Mad Jack and Nakoma. They help visitors and also protect the wild life.

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Grizzly Adams

  You may remember Grizzly Adams, the main character from ‘The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams’, a film produced in 1974. This movie was the origin of a two-season TV series which was given the same name. The famous show containing 39 episodes has as its title character inspired from an actual trapper, James/John Capen "Grizzly" Adams.

 The character of the series, Grizzly Adams (played by Dan Haggerty) is a woodsman who was accused of murder. As he was not guilty, he had no choice but flee into the mountains. While he was struggling to survive the harsh life that the mountain gave him, Adams discovered a grizzly bear cub which no longer had a family. Adams called the orphaned cub Ben and made the animal his best companion. In spite of its size, the bear proved to be a nice companion to the refugee.

 Adams did not find it hard to get along with the beast as he had an uncanny link to the wildlife of the region. He did his best not to harm any animal so there was a mutual understanding a perfect communion between him and the new home he had found in the forest.
The television series, showed two human companions for Adams. One was an old trader - Mad Jack the Mountain Man and an American Indian – Nakoma. The three of them together helped many visitors to the area also protecting the local wildlife.

 Those who miss the nice adventures of Grizzly Adams and his mates can buy the Grizzly Adams DVD and relive the magic moments that this TV series once offered to the viewers all over America and beyond.
 Some of you may have forgotten this once fascinating series but if you get the Grizzly Adams Bluray you can watch the whole series at your own pace, in your own room at home by the fireplace and let the TV hero be once more a role model that kids can look up to. Those who watched it with much enjoyment at the time it appeared will be happy to get those fond memories back again.

 If you want to see more, you can also get the 1982 movie Blu-Ray called The Capture of Grizzly Adams, where Adams is brought back to civilization again.